ReflectInsight Logging Extensions Now Available on Nuget Gallery

The ReflectInsight Logging Extensions are now available as NuGet packages. This is the easiest way to add the extensions to your project and keep them updated when more recent versions are available.


Getting the Extensions into Your Project

The ReflectInsight Extensions are not released as part of ReflectInsight, but are instead released through Microsoft’s NuGet distribution feature. NuGet allows you to add references to your projects by pulling in the relevant DLL’s directly into your project from the web. This really makes it easy to incorporate the extensions and keep them updated.

In Visual Studio 2010 onwards there is a Visual Studio Extension called the Library Package Manager which provides an easy way to browse and install the appropriate assembly from the web into your projects. If your using Visual Studio 2005/2008, we recommend you download the source and/or binaries from the CodePlex site and add the references the usual way.

To find the ReflectInsight Extensions on NuGet, right click on your project and click on the Manage NuGet Packages menu item. This will then bring up the Manage NuGet Extensions dialog as shown below. Search for ReflectSoftware and you will see all the available extensions.



Documentation and Samples

Documentation for the ReflectInsight Extensions, along with complete code samples is available on InsightExtensions CodePlex Site.

Download Details

The ReflectInsight Extensions source code repository is hosted on CodePlex. This will enable everyone in the community to be able to engage and provide feedback on the latest code checkins, bug fixes, and new feature enhancements. Community contributions are welcomed and encouraged so that we may build ReflectInsight Extensions into an even better product.

More information can be found on the InsightExtensions CodePlex Site.

ReflectSoftware Team


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