Modern Themes in ReflectInsight 5.2

In ReflectInsight version 5.2, we’ve made changes to the themes that we support. The ReflectInsight viewer is built using DevExpress for most of is UI elements, including themes. In this release we added the new Office 2013 themes and made the Office 2013 Light Style  the new default (on clean installs).

Here are the 3 new themes, Office 2013 Dark Style, Office 2013 Light Style and Office 2013 (White):


If you currently use ReflectInsight, the default will stay with whatever you have it configured at.

In ReflectInsight 5.2 we also decided to only support the core DevExpress themes and not any of the bonus themes. The supported themes include:

  • Office 2013 (White, Dark Gray Light Gray) NEW
  • Office 2010 (Blue, Black, Silver)
  • Seven Classic
  • VS2010
  • Light Style
  • Dark Style

You can change the themes from either the Options dialog in the General section:


The other way to change themes is from the OPTIONS ribbon tab:


We hope you enjoy the new themes with ReflectInsight 5.2.

The ReflectSoftware Team


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