New Office 2010/2013 Inspired Backstage View in ReflectInsight 5.2

In ReflectInsight 5.2, we’ve changed the Live and Log Viewer ribbon application menu to use the new Office 2010/2013 Backstage view (see below).

The following is an overview for what each of the actions do on the ribbon backstage view:


The New button will create a new ReflectInsight log file. If you currently have a file opened with modifications, you will be prompted to save before creating a new file.


The Open button shows additional information in the Open tab content (to the right). Here we have buttons to quickly open up a browse file dialog for the last location browsed (Open) or the Default Location, as configured in the ReflectInsight options.

The Open tab also shows files recently viewed along with recent places. Each of these items can be pinned if you like.



The Save button will save your current log file. If the log file has yet to be created, then you will be prompted for a filename and location to save it.

Save As

The Save As button shows additional information for saving your log file. From here you can choose to save to a different file or save with or without the user defined views and lastly you can save just the user defined view.



The Help button shows support and community information. This includes getting started guides, code samples, knowledge base articles and contacting us for support and/or feedback. There is also links to connect with us on our various social accounts.



The account button shows user account and production information. From here you can get product and version information as well as manually check for updates.


We hope you enjoy this new version of ReflectInsight. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting release and when it will be available.

The ReflectSoftware Team.


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