Status Update on ReflectInsight 5.3 and Purchase Availability

I know it’s been a while since our last update and I apologize for that. Here is a quick status update on where we stand with releasing the next release.

Update on ReflectInsight 5.3

We’re happy to announce that development on ReflectInsight 5.3 is complete. This is a big release for us in that it has a number of bug fixes, some new features and last but not least, performance improvements, especially for high volume logging. Before we release 5.3, we’re finalizing some tests we’re doing with some external sources. We anticipate we can publish a release candidate build to the general public within a a few days.

Update on Purchase Availability

While we mentioned previously that we we’re trying to target August 1 2014 as our launch date to purchase ReflectInsight, we’re going to push this back a few weeks. We are still continuing to test our purchase and licensing integration. This took us longer than expected and as soon as this is ready, we will make ReflectInsight available to purchase. We would rather see a delay and get it right than rush it out the door.

Release Candidate

We will be posting a release candidate build shortly. So while we finish up our testing of the website with it’s purchasing and licensing integration, we hope you will try out the release candidate and let us know what you think.


Stay tuned for more information and again thank you for your patience.

Please download the latest version of ReflectInsight now and enjoy!


We welcome any feedback you may have. Feedback can be given at our UserVoice site.

ReflectSoftware Team

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