Announcing ReflectInsight 5.4

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of our next release of ReflectInsight, version 5.4.6412.57.

This update includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

Viewer Improvements

  • Updated wording in the Options Dialog in the Auto Save/Auto Purge sections to make it more clear what each represents:
  • Added new Auto Save by File Size. File size can be between 0 MB and 102,400 MB. File size of 0 is ignored
  • Updated layout in the Options Dialog in the Font and Colors section
  • Fixed a bug when checking for updates when in debug mode
  • Fixed an issue where live messages were not properly blocked when the Live Viewer would crash when receiving messages to the Watch and a user changed the theme. if changing the theme
  • Updated the Account backstage to show license expiry information for when a user’s support and upgrade expires
  • Updated status bar label to show number of messages in the current User Defined View vs. that of the Master view. In this example the Master view has 123 messages and the User Defined View only has 30:
  • Updated status bar button Keep New Messages in View to show the text label:


    Library Improvements

    • Added support for Auto Save by File Size. File size can be between 0 MB and 102,400 MB. File size of 0 is ignored
    • Added support for passing in XML document objects (i.e. XmlDocument and XDocument) for SetExternalConfigurationMode
    • Fixed an issue with Debugger Attached mode where messages to the Live Viewer were being cut short because the connection was closed before all messages were flushed
    • Added ability within the TraceMethod scope to execute the inner body code, allowing you to trap and log exceptions based on policy
    • Updated library, extensions and listeners to latest NuGet packages
    • Configuration bug fixes

        Other Improvements

      • New Destination Binding sample
      • New Database (SQL Server) Listener sample
      • Updated samples to latest NuGet packages
      • Updated Router Service and installer with new application logo/icon
      • General performance improvements

      Please download the latest version of ReflectInsight now and enjoy! Also checkout our updated Samples, and of course all our libraries can be found on NuGet.


      We welcome any feedback you may have. Feedback can be given at our UserVoice site.

      ReflectSoftware Team


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