Announcing ReflectInsight 5.5

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of our next release of ReflectInsight, version 5.5.7112.3816.

This update includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

Library Improvements

  • Added new SendHttpRequest message type
  • Added New SendJSON message type

Live/Log Viewer Improvements

    • New dark theme support for Message Details. When selecting any of he dark themes, the message details section now fully supports this theme
    • Improved multi-monitor support for location of dialogs
    • Fixed issue in which dialogs will now always show up center of the application. However any resizing will persist for the viewer session
    • Fixed multi-monitor issue in which the viewer is located on the non-primary desktop and after  disconnecting the non-primary monitor, the viewer will now startup on the primary monitor
    • Upgraded to AvalonEdit 5 for the message details
    • New JSON message detail type
    • New HttpRequest Message detail type
    • Fixed wrong icon being displayed with the Open Dialog from the Ribbon Backstage
    • New feature to re-enable "keep new messages in view" after clearing the screen
    • Updated installers to include new highlighting resource files (XML, SQL, JSON, HTML) for the dark themes

Other Improvements

    • New command line License Utility (This is currently in beta and only supports the command line functionality. The UI mode is disabled and will be updated and released in the near future)
    • Created new GitHub repository for the Samples
    • Moved CodePlex Extensions and Listeners to GitHub

    Please download the latest version of ReflectInsight now and enjoy! Also checkout our updated Samples, and of course all our libraries can be found on NuGet.


    We welcome any feedback you may have. Feedback can be given at our UserVoice site.

    The ReflectSoftware Team

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