Getting Started with ReflectInsight Router Service

With ReflectInsight v5.6.1, we made some changes to the ReflectInsight Router Service.


There are several changes to the ReflectInsight Router Service in v5.6.1. The installer now provides a more custom installation experience. By default it will install to C:\Program Files\ReflectSoftware\ReflectInsight Router Service\, but during installation you can now configure this to another location. Previously when you installed the ReflectInsight Router Service, it was just a folder with the service application files. You had to manually copy to another location and run the installation script to install the service.


For this blog post I’m going to change it to C:\ReflectInsight Router Service\


Another change during the installation process is that the ReflectInsight Router Service is now installed and started by default. Note…you may have issues starting the service if you don’t configure the permissions on the installation folder as well as the default logging folder c:\ProgramData\ReflectSoftware\ReflectInsight Router Service\. Once these folder have proper permissions, the service should be working as expected.


Finally after installation you can browse to the installation folder to configure the service if necessary:


Configuring the ReflectInsight Router Service

To configure the ReflectInsight Router Service, open up the file named Router.Service.exe.config.


As mentioned above, the default log directory for the ReflectInsight Router Service is now in C:\ProgramData\ReflectSoftware\ReflectInsight Router Service\. For this blog post I reconfigured the logging directories to the current directory using the following value $(workingdir) to show another option.



TCP Router Port

You will want to make note that the ReflectInsight Router Service is defaulted to using TCP port 10882 for connections to the ReflectInsight Live Viewer. You can configure the port to anything you like, just be sure to connect to this port value from the ReflectInsight Live Viewer Remote Connections configuration. Our next blog post will cover that in more detail.

That is it for configuring the ReflectInsight Router Service.


Please download the latest version of ReflectInsight now and enjoy! Also checkout our updated Samples, and of course all our libraries can be found on NuGet.


We welcome any feedback you may have. Feedback can be given at our UserVoice site.

The ReflectSoftware Team


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