ReflectInsight Extensions & Listeners Moves from CodePlex to GitHub

The ReflectInsight Extensions and Listeners project has moved from CodePlex to GitHub. The new location can be found here:

As part of the move, each of the extensions and listeners have been split out into their own repositories. Each of the repositories has an integrated build with AppVeyor. As code it checked in, a build will automatically be triggered and the status badges of the build, releases and NuGet details will be displayed on the main page.

The team will also start adding new extensions and listeners to the project. If you have any ideas/requests, please let us know on our UserVoice page or start coding your own extensions/listeners. The team always welcomes any feedback and contributions to the project.

The ReflectSoftware Team


New ReflectInsight Samples Repository on GitHub

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve create a repository on GitHub for our ReflectInsight sample applications. We will be looking to add new samples over time and we’re open to any samples that you the community would want to also contribute.

Check it out…


The ReflectSoftware Team


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