Updates available for Serilog, NLog and log4net extensions

We’ve updated the following ReflectInsight extensions to support the latest of their dependent libraries.


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Getting Started with the Log4net Insight Extension

We’ve added support for the Log4net appender. This allows you to leverage your current investment in log4net, but leverage the power and flexibility that comes with the ReflectInsight viewer. You can view your log4net messages in real-time, in a rich viewer that allows you to filter out and search for what really matters to you.

The log4net extension supports Log4net v1.2.11.0. However if you need to support an older version, then you will need to download the ReflectInsight Logging Extensions Library from CodePlex. You can then reference and rebuild the extension against a specific release of the log4net DLL.

Log4net Configuration

1. Download the ReflectInsight Extension Binaries or Source and rebuild if necessary.

2. Once you have the ReflectInsight Extensions, go to your project in Visual Studio and add a reference to ReflectSoftware.Insight.Extensions.Log4net.dll.
3. The next step is to configure your app or web configuration file and incorporate the ReflectInsight appender. If you don’t already have an App.config or Web.config, add it. Then open the configuration file and add a new config section as shown here:


4. Now you need to add another configuration file to your project for the Insight configuration. Typically this is called Insight.config.

5. Now that you’ve added the Insight configuration file to your project, we’ll need to add an entry to your app/web configuration file to reference it:


6. Now you need to configure your log4net configuration with an reference to the ReflectInsight Appender. Update your log4net section with the following:


7. That’s it, you’re done!

8. For an even easier setup and configuration, try using our NuGet package which will automate all of this for you.

NuGet Package

We’ve created a NuGet package for our Log4net extension. You can find it over on Nuget.

To install ReflectSoftware.Insight.Extensions.Log4net extension, run the following command in the Package Manager Console.





Documentation for our ReflectInsight Viewer is available here.
Documentation for our ReflectInsight Logging Extensions can be found here.


Feedback on our Insight Extensions or the ReflectInsight Viewer can be done on our UserVoice site.

ReflectInsight Viewer Download

The ReflectInsight Viewer can be download from here.

Introducing the ReflectInsight Logging Extensions

ReflectSoftware understands that many companies have already invested heavily in development efforts with their existing logging framework. In order to take advantage with just some of the powerful features in ReflectInsight without code change, ReflectSoftware has developed an open-source set of Library Extensions in support of some of the most common logging frameworks available: Enterprise Library, Log4net, NLog, PostSharp, Http Module and the .NET Diagnostic Debug/Tracer.

These extensions allow you to see your logging messages in real-time, in a rich viewer that allows you to filter out and search for what really matters to you. You’ll never need to look at your log files in a text editor again and you’ll have the full power of our viewer for searching, filtering and navigating your log files.

The ReflectInsight library also supports your own custom extensions and is flexible enough that anyone can create their own logging extensions.

For more information about the ReflectInsight Extensions, along with documentation, samples source and binaries, please visit the InsightExtensions CodePlex Site for more information.

Available Extensions

.NET Diagnostic Trace/Debug
HTTP Module
Enterprise Library Logging Application Block


ReflectSoftware Team

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