Announcing updated release of ReflectInsight is now available and recent changes to the library

ReflectSoftware is pleased to announce the availability of our next release of ReflectInsight, version 5.1.4730.2511.

This update includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improvement: Extended Trial period to March 31, 2014.
  • Improvement: Updated logging libraries.
  • Improvement: New support for Enterprise Library Semantic Logging. This is available on CodePlex and NuGet.
  • Improvement: Added new message types for Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) Sources.
  • Improvement: Added Email Listener Destination. Available on CodePlex and NuGet.
  • Improvement: General fixes and improvements to the Configuration Editor.
  • Improvement: ReflectInsight Logging Library configuration now includes support for DestinationBindingGroups.
  • Improvement: General fixes and improvements to the ReflectInsight Logging Library.
  • Improvement: Updated the ReflectInsight Viewer to include a new Check for Updates functionality.
  • Improvement: Removed the NuGet content transformations from all NuGet packages. This will provide greater flexibility into the types of projects that can use the libraries without the need of a config transformation. You will need to now manually add back in the following line to your <configSections>:

    <section name="insightSettings" type="ReflectSoftware.Insight.ConfigurationHandler,ReflectSoftware.Insight" />

Please download the latest version of ReflectInsight now and enjoy!


We welcome any feedback you may have. Feedback can be given at our UserVoice site.

ReflectSoftware Team

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